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Methods of Automobile Scratch Repair

Deep and shallow scratches on the car surface are always accompanied by each other when accidents or collisions happen. The distinction between the deep and shallow scratches is divided by whether the scratch part is exposed with primer. If the primer is exposed, the scratch is considered a deep scratch, otherwise it is…

How to Clean Brake Calipers

Learn to Clean Brake Calipers in 5 Steps Whether you want to clean your rusted and dirty brake calipers to increase their lifespan, for cosmetic reasons or because you want to paint or wrap them, the five steps we’ve outlined here will help you to…

How to Repair Window Tint Bubbles

5 Steps to Fix Window Tint Bubbles There’s nothing worse than tinting your own windows or having them tinted by a friend or professional and discovering that there are a bunch of window tint bubbles under the surface of the film. In fact, for most…

Cleaning for Vehicle Wrapping

For many DIY installers and first-time wrappers, proper cleaning and preparation are the most overlooked steps of the process of vehicle wrapping. Most DIY wrappers buy a roll of film and think they can just unroll it, remove it from the liner and start wrapping….

2020 Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster review

The further up the Mercedes AMG GT food chain you go, the better things get. This much is clear from the relatively lowly 9th place attained by the AMG GT S in evo’s 2015 Car of the year competition, to the silver medal the GT R Pro achieved in eCoty 2019….