Deep and shallow scratches on the car surface are always accompanied by each other when accidents or collisions happen. The distinction between the deep and shallow scratches is divided by whether the scratch part is exposed with primer. If the primer is exposed, the scratch is considered a deep scratch, otherwise it is a shallow scratch. If deep scratches occur, the exposed metal will soon rust and the rusted area will soon expand beyond the edge of the scratch underneath the paint, which will increase the difficulty of repair. Nowadays, the basic methods of paint scratch repair are as follows:


The damaged part of slightly scratched paint appears only on the surface of the finish paint and can be completely repaired by waxing. We can apply a small amount of coarse wax as a grinding agent, then keep wiping the surface in one direction and lastly polish the wax. In this way, we can not only restore the original appearance of the scratched part, but also polish the surface paint. You may also save money by using toothpaste as a substitutive grinding agent. Apply the grinding agent to the scratch gently, and then smear it several times with a piece of soft cotton cloth. This is not only to reduce the scratches, but also to avoid further air erosion on the paint damage. The next step is sandpaper polish with water. Firstly, prepare a piece of sandpaper. Secondly, clean and dry the area with scratches. Then, use a piece of sandpaper dipped with water to polish the scratch area smoothly. Pay attention to the strength applied when grinding and do not grind it too much or for too long, otherwise the iron sheet will be ground out.

Waxing repair

Coating Agent

Many owners have heard that if there is a scratch on the paint surface of the car, one of the best repair methods is probably to use the coating agent. However, even if the procedures to do this are simple, the owner needs to pay attention to it. The car owners needs to piack the coating agent with the same or very similar color as the car body. Also, they need to pay attention to the uniform treatment of the whole body when applying the coating agent.

Coating agent scratch repair

Paint Pen

Just as the coating agent, this method utilises a paint pen of the similar color to the scratched paint. It is relatively simpler to repair the damaged paint using this method than the others, but the biggest shortcoming is the weak adhesion of the paint on the repair part. The finished repair is thus easy to peel off and difficult to last.

Paint pen


Spray is a traditional method to repair paint scratches. The disadvantage of spraying is that the damage area of the original paint can be very large and thus the repair time can be high. As a result, it is difficult to guarantee the repairing effect.

Spray paint repair

Computer-aided Painting

Combined with the computer software calculating and the new modeling technology, computer-aided deep scratch repair is a rapid hi-tech repair method. However, it requires accurate color allocation and areas divided as small as possible to work on each time. After special solvent treatment, the new and old finish can be better integrated to achieve the best adhesion.

Computer-Aided Auto Body Repair


There are several common methods to repair scratched paint surface on your car. If you wish to do it by yourself with easy tools, you may pick paint pens and use coating agent. If you want great repair outcomes that stay better, you may probably want to visit a professional place with computer softwares。  


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