Smash Repairs FAQs

What you need to know in case of an accident and how we can help you.

The smash repair is required when your vehicle had accidents that deform the vehicle body and internal parts, including replacement and repair services.  However, before doing the smash repairs service, ensuring your insurer has evaluated the insurance coverage and approved the claim. Then, you can start the procedure of smash repairs.


How to select the car smash repair services:

There are several options for your smash repairs service depending on the level of harm to your car and the repair budget.

  • Complete smash repairs: It replaces your damaged components with genuine parts to reinstates the vehicle as a previous condition.
  • Insurance smash repairs: The choices of replacement and repair parts are based on your insurance agreement which depends on your vehicle value and damage level.
  • Commercial smash repair: It is an appropriate option to refurbish the older car with limit budget. In this case, the functionality is more important than the appearance of the vehicle.


Smash repair costs

Smash repair costs are varied. It highly depends on the damaged parts and levels on your car and most importantly, where you go to get repaired. Some elements affect mostly on your smash repair costs.

  • Which smash repair service do you need? 

It Depends on the extent of the damage and your insurance coverage. Also, the smash repairs should communicate with you transparently about the cost of smash repair and the parts they use.

  • Is there any particular evaluation requirement?

Some of the smash damages may cause internal working issues and may not show up until later. Thus, a professional thorough evaluation may need to your vehicle. It is common on front end collisions because it can easily cause engine damage and electrical wiring problems.

  • Does the panel beaters are professional and experienced?

The professional panel beaters will not only repair your bodywork and paintwork; they also check your wiring and notice you any potential damage which may lead to severe safety and costly issue in the future.


Process of smash repair

There are considerable differences in the car types and models; so, the smash repair Sydney processes vary slightly. However, the typical steps of repairing the smashed car are similar to below.

  1. Process your insurance claim number
  2. Remove necessary parts and trim to Access any invisible damage
  3. Evaluate your vehicle and Assess repair plan and quote
  4. Repair or Replace the damaged parts relating to the accident
  5. Computer measure and Adjust if required
  6. Trail fit new parts
  7. Reassemble and Print the parts
  8. Finalize all parts with detail
  9. Cleaning your vehicle inside and out
  10. Return your vehicle


Why choose Concept Wraps

Concept Wraps offers high-quality smash repairs services on professional panel beaters. Also, we provide the accident replacement car during the process of your vehicle repair.

Whether your insurance cover complete or part of your auto restoration, Concept Wraps will always get you an affordable quote without compromise repair quality. Moreover, our insurance advisors can help you to negotiate with the insurer and simplify the claim process to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, accidents happen.

Fortunately, Concept Warps is here to help!

Feel free to contact us : 1300-418-225


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