Paint Protection Film

The ultimate paint protection product. Scratch and stone impact resistant. Self-healing and ads extra gloss. Vandal resistant. Ie: keying

What Is Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film (or PPF) is known as a skin for cars. PPF is made of polyurethane, urethane, or flexible acrylic. it’s carefully applied to some certain areas of a vehicle and provide extra protection against pollutants or damages.

The main function of Paint protection film is to keep your vehicle factory fresh looking miles after miles. PPF is often called “clear bra” because its installation protects the body and vehicle surface from dust and debris on road, weathering and other wear and tear. In addition to that, this film has advanced flexibility, which tightly hugs the curves and contours of the vehicle, and offers easy installation and leaving no visual trace. Unrivaled scratch and stain resistance Exceptional clarity Self-healing technology makes most scratches disappear Tough, durable and maintenance free.

Bentley Bentayga with paint protection film bodywork left front side |concept wraps
Bentley Bentayga PPF Project

Why Use Paint Protection Film?

For environmental reasons, the paint industry focused on water-based paints. As such they are less durable than ever. Therefore, if the paint is weaker then so will be the coating, which eventually will show signs of scratching and chipping. It is therefore advisable to apply protective film that will keep the original coating in good condition. More reasons to use protective films? The car looks brand new - protective wrapping retains the car’s original look, improves the colour saturation of the paint, the car looks like it drove out straight from the show room.

Protect the paint and bodywork - protective film protects the car against external factors such as stone splinters, scratches, discoloration, acidic insect repellent and many other factors. Application without structural changes and repainting - applying the film to the vehicle does not require painting or mechanical interference in the construction. The resale value of the vehicle rises - after a few years the protective film can be removed and the vehicle's paint will look like new, without any damages and scratches.



Where Do I Install Paint Protection Film on My Vehicle?

Paint protection film should be installed by a professional anywhere you want to protect your vehicle finish from scratches, chips, stains and other damage. This film is virtually invisible and will not alter the design or color of your vehicle. Use it to protect: Protection from sand and stones kicked up by tires for Rocker Panels Mirrors, Hoods and bumpers damaged from insect acids, flying gravel and tar Cavities on the door handles and edges from rings, keys, belt buckles and purses Protection of trunk, hood and roof from tree sap and bird droppings.



Steps of Paint Protection Film Installation:

1. Preparation of the car
First of all, we will perform full vehicle or partial cleaning, or use clay barsto remove any foreign contaminants that adhere to the vehiclebody. And then check the surface of the car to ensure that no dirt will flow down under the film during the installation process.

2. Cleaning down the painted surface
This step involves thoroughly cleaning the painted surface of the car using a 100% alcohol solution. This step can remove or decompose most of the stains, including tar, wax, and any substances that prevent the paint film from sticking to the paint surface.Afterwards, we will perform waxing and polishing to improve gloss.

3. Allocation of the filmIn the next step, we will install the paint protection film. We will first cut the paint protection film into several pieces as needed according to the shape of the body (in this process, we will use the 2014 Mimaki digital graphics printer and cutting machine). The activator is required for PPF installation, also known as fitting solution.This can help PPF release a "glue" substance. It involves using water and other solutions to manually attach the protective film to the surface of the car paint.

4. Dges inspection
After the paint protection film is installed, we will finally check all the edges, and use a heat gun for final finishing to ensure that everything is trimmed and beautiful.


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