Have you ever considered if your car needs a refurbishment or the used car you just bought need a refurbishment? The work of refurbishment can not only be quite time-consuming and expensive, but also lower the value of cars if not done properly. Also, sometimes it’s not necessary to paint and refurbish the whole car and such a work is just a waste of money. Car owners can have a look of the following key points from expert mechanics and decide whether a full car refurbishment is necessary:

Nowadays, more and more car owners choose to do a whole-body renovation or refurbishment. The process may include parts replacement, body waxing and painting. Of course, according to the sales representatives, any car will need a refurbishment after a few years’ use. After all, it is the performance commission that matters to them. Does the job really need to be done? Remember the following points and you can tell this by yourself in the future.

Understand the Paint Surface

First of all, we need to understand the paint surface. The paint surface of a car includes that of the body, the lower skirts and columns on both sides, and the total surface number is generally 17. When the damaged areas of the paint are no more than 7 or 8, it is recommended that we leave the original paint on and not to do refurbishment.

Car Under 3 Years

When your car is still new (purchased within 3 years), you are not recommended to spray paint on the undamaged paint surface, even if there are only two or three surfaces of good conditions left. The reason of it is that the original paint of a car help preserves the value, and any replacement will lower the value.

Exterior and Interior Refurbishment

Another problem that people may face is when the interior of the vehicle becomes messy and has peculiar smell. So big a project the refurbishment of a whole car is that it is impossible to completely cover the whole car from the ground dust. The result of this is often a large amount of dust accumulated indoors. Also, the smell of the new paint is heavy and pervasive, which leads to the smell of paint inside the car, and it is difficult to remove in a short time. If you are concerned of the smell, we recommend finishing the refurbishment of both exterior and interior at the same time. 

Potential Risks of Exterior Body Trim

If you choose to do the whole body spray painting, you have to remove the accessories that may affect the grinding process, such as door trim, glass mold and tail lamp, etc. In the removal process, the accessory structures such as the safe buckle and original double-sided adhesive tape can be easily damaged. During the assembly, it is often that the installation becomes loose and fixed accessories are sprayed with paint, which affects the appearance of the car.

Paint Quality

The new paint may not be as good as the original one. Often, the original car body paint has the best quality. When we spray the car paint, it is difficult to avoid problems such as sand hole and sandpaper mark. If we use multi-layer paint covering, the paint may be easy to crack, blister and even fall off after some time.


Sometimes polishing and waxing can solve the problem for your car, so there is no need to repaint or even do a whole car refurbishment. If you have a car, do you still think it’s necessary to renovate your car once a year?


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