As the saying goes: “Only a tenth of a good car is about driving, and the rest relies on maintenance.” With your own car, you should take care of it from the first day. Proper maintainence has an extremely important effect on the health and service life of the car.

  • The concept of maintenance must come into your mind.

Some car owners think that the new cars does not need maintenance. This is actually a completely wrong idea. The new car is still in a state of running-in in all aspects, and the running-in of mechanical parts will have a relatively high demand for lubricants. If maintenance is neglected at this time, it will definitely cause big trouble in the future. Therefore, we must firmly establish the concept that new cars need maintenance.

  • New car maintenance starts with removal of sealing wax applied during transportation of the vehicle.

It’s simple and cheap to change the colour of the wheel hub by spraying or filming paint, and you can even DIY at home, but many car owners who have done this may decide not to use this spraying or filming method any more. The reason is that the colour changing spray paint is not adhesive enough and the surface will fade soon. However, when the paint peel, not all of it will fall off wholly but just parts of it, and the remaining paint is difficult to remove, which greatly affects the wheel appearance. Let’s see how the spray paint starts to peel on a car:

  • Car paint protection requires waxing

Invisible hazards such as carbon black from car exhaust, sundries in the air and acid rain oxidize the paint from the first day a new car hits the road. In order to protect the new car paint, waxing is needed, but what we need is not ordinary wax. There are two types of new car waxes, one is called new car wax, and the other is new car protection wax. A new car should use the new car protection wax first, and the new car wax can be used after the daily car wash. The unique functions of the new car protective wax include super strong anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion. It can be applied once and generally lasts for a year. It will not be washed off in daily car washing. New car wax is a soft wax with generally no polishing agent in it, so it cannot withstand the test of car washing.

  • There are generally two kinds of materials for car interiors: leather and chemical fiber. 

The maintenance of the two types of interior decoration is different. There are generally two kinds of materials for car interiors: leather and chemical fiber. It is best to do maintenance immediately after getting the new car. There are two kinds of polishes for leather: wax and resin. Wax has only the polishing effect but no protective effect. It is waterproof; resin-based leather polish emphasizes the protective function of the product, anti-wear, anti-ultraviolet, anti-corrosion and anti-oil pollution. In the protection of chemical fiber materials, we must distinguish between the interior “cleaning agent” and the interior “protective agent”. The interior protective agent generally contains silicone resin, which can form a protective film on the fiber surface, so that the oil will not directly corrode the chemical fiber, and the ultraviolet rays can not oxidize the interior material to make it fade and white; interior cleaning agents are divided into velveteen cleaning agents, chemical fiber cleaning agents and leather cleaning agents, etc. You can spray the cleaning agent on the surface of a dry chemical fibers towel and wipe with it.

  • When wash the car for the first time, do not be sloppy.

If the new car is not cleaned properly, it may damage the light oil part of the outer layer, and the car will not become brighter but darker. It is best to go to a dust-free manual car wash room and choose a neutral and mild detergent to remove the sand and dirt on the surface of the car paint. Some dirt is invisible to the naked eye, such as paint, gum, alkali, acid and other chemical pollution, and it should be completely removed. These types of dirt can’t be removed by simply using detergent but must be wiped little by little with special decontamination clay.

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