Vehicle signage is also known by the name of vehicle stickers or car logo in the past. Now a more common name of it is vehicle decal or car sticker. Vehicle signage can be divided into car signage and motorcycle signage. Car signage originated from motor racing. On April 20, 1887, the world’s first car race was held in Paris where the racers had to put their numbers on the side doors of their vehicles for identification purpose. This was the earliest form of car stickers on record. After a long time of development of automobile and motorcycle events, a growing number of brands swarmed into the car racing events, and the car body began to show up with sponsors’ brand car stickers. For example, the famous Ferrari team was sponsored byMarlboro and all the racing cars of the team are decorated with the attention-getting Marlboro signs. Such car stickers are now called modified car signages and logo stickers.

Ferrari racing cars on track

While the earliest popularity of car signage originated from motor racing, its vigorous development involves the rise and prosperity of the automobile industry in Europe, America and Japan. The car purchasing group has become younger and the customers’ demand more personalised. Due to the young generation’s preference and the popularity of the racing style, the use of car signage for decoration became widespread all over the world. In this era of personal expression, vehicle signage or sticker has gradually become a way to show the personalities and taste for the vehicle owners.

Categories of Vehicle Signage 

Sports Signage

Sports signage for track work done by Concept Wraps

Sports signage mainly refers to decoration for racing events. Different vehicle models and tracks will be used in field racing and rally racing, so the signages are different in these racing cars correspondingly. When putting on the rally vehicle signage, the logo of the team and the brand logo of the main sponsor should be highlighted. The colour of the signage should match the overall visual identity (VI) design style of the team to achieve a better visual effect. In the implementation of field racing signage, we often see dynamic and energetic patterns such as flame, race flag and wave, which are favoured by racing drivers and add colours and tastes to the racing event.

Refitting Signage 

Refitting Car Signage Design

Refitting signage refers to the theme signage specially designed by refitting factories to highlight the refitting vehicles in the refitting auto show or promote new products in the auto show. This decoration is often colourful and eye-catching, and the logo of the modification factory or modified products are usually included. After careful design and collocation, the vehicle signage complements the refitted exhibition car, highlighting the personality and cool appearance of it.

Personalised Signage

Vehicle signage to reach more customers while on the road

Personalised signage is customised according to the car owner’s personal preference and taste. Sports, art and practicality are the characteristics of personalised signage. Plenty of business owners design commercial car signage to increase the exposure of their brand to the potential customers. As long as it looks harmonious and attractive, car owners can mix all kinds of patterned styles and designs freely and create their style. Most of the sports style signage imitates the famous racing patterns that have shown up on the track to appear simple and dynamic. By simply applying this signage, car owners get the excitement of racing on a real track while driving their daily cars and enjoy it much. Artistic personalised vehicle signages often use streamline or geometric graphics and cartoon characters and animals. Some car owners like the style of traditional painting, graffiti patterns, design letters or totems on the car body. The car body is like the show stage for car owners to express their life attitude.

Steps to Install Vehicle Signages Correctly


  1. Make sure to work in the environment between 15 ℃ and 30 ℃ as overly high temperature will lead to the unnecessary expansion of film and the rapid evaporation of moistening solution required, while overly low temperature reduces the flexibility of the film and thus affects the signage adhesion.
  2. To install the sticker normally, the vehicle surface must be free of dust, wax and other dirt. You should clean the body surface thoroughly using water and neutral detergent before decaling.

Steps to Install

Application of a side panel signage
  1. Determine the correct body part to apply stickers to according to the drawings and check the size against that of the sticker.
  2. Clean the surface of the body parts. Mix the detergent and water in the ratio of 1:10 and spray evenly on the surface to keep moisture. The proper solution makes the handling of the film and helps position it correctly before permanently adhering to the car surface.
  3. The signage film includes three layers: the base paper (white glasspaper), the PVC Decal itself and the transparent film (surface protective film). The surface protective film should be removed after the completion. During the process of pasting, you should pay attention not to pull the decal excessively to prevent the sticker from being elongated or deformed.


The main material of automobile drawing is a specially made adhesive PVC adapted to outdoor conditions. The standards on wear-resistant and UV resistant vehicle signage materials are higher than that of normal advertising materials. Although the material and colour of car signage are not as rich as clothing fabrics, there are also a variety of options, such as general, luminescent, metallic satin, laser satin, etc.

Signages can be applied on almost any part of the car body, such as side panels, engine cover, headlight eyebrows, car skirt and wheel hub. As long as the creation is carried out within the scope permitted by the current transport laws and regulations, the car signage can be installed to reflect the personal interests of the owner. Vehicle signage is not exclusively for young people. Groups of all ages can have fun with car stickers as long as they like the automobile culture and enjoy life.


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