With the development of the car, the way of maintaining and protection of them has also evolved from the carnauba wax to polymer sealants, the hottest trend in 2020 is Ceramic Coating.

What’s the ceramic coating on cars?

The real ceramic coating on your car is a long-term nanoscopic exterior treatment. It initially is applied as a liquid form and change to a hard layer on the top of the original paint to protect your vehicle from external paint damage. Ceramic coating will bond with the car paint once it applied on. It means that the ceramic coating won’t be decomposed or washed and won’t need to apply regularly as wax.

Why use the ceramic coating on cars?

1. The advantages and benefits of ceramic coating for cars

· Protecting the exterior of the car

Basically, the ceramic coating creates an extra layer to your car. Unlike the wax protection or factory paint, this extra layer that ceramic coating adds does a better job of protection of your car’s exterior. The ceramic coating has hydrophobic properties which make water bead instead of a pool on the hood. So, the acid rain, snow, bird dropping, and mud will roll off the car without leaving the stain.

· Prevent UV, rust and Oxidation damages

If your car exposed under the sunlight will cause the paint of your car to fade and even crack because the ultraviolet rays of the sun have a destructive effect on the car’s surface. Ceramic coating is the best way to protect the car’s coating from ultraviolet rays, which reduces oxidation.

· Improved body protection

There is no substitute for protective films like ceramic coatings which provide more comprehensive defence performance. It is a permanent or semi-permanent layer that bonds with the paint on the molecular level. That protective layer is tougher than the soft wax and can withstand small damage to your car. In effect, the ceramic coating not just protects the surface of your car, but also protect the body of the car itself from scratches, chemicals etc.

· Cost-Effective

The average life of the wax is around three months; while, ceramic car coating will last longer and more durable. A premium coating with proper maintenance can serve you for a few years. Thus, comparing to the wax and paint sealant, the nano-ceramic coating is cheaper and better.

· Enhanced Gloss finish

If you prefer a shiny appearance, then you need ceramic coating. Unlike the warm appearance that waxes have, the ceramic coating will give your car a high-gloss finish and will not fade under the sun.

LaFerrari Aperta ceramic coating detal

2. The condition that better choose ceramic coated:

  • New car
  • Newly painted car
  • Prefer easy clean process
  • Love gloss appearance
  • Drive regularly in strong UV condition


How long does a ceramic coating on a car last?

Although a premium ceramic coating will provide 2-3 years of protection, the customer has been reported as long as 5 years. However, proper application, formula quality and SiO2 percentage are the baseline.

Can the ceramic coating be applied over wax?

Don’t recommend. It might help to protect your car but will damage the hydrophobic properties.

How to do ceramic coating aftercare?

The best way to maintain the ceramic coating on your vehicle is to wash the entire car with PH nature shampoo regularly. Please do not use any waxes or sealants to wash your car.

Where to do ceramic coating?

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