Australia Professional Back window graphic solution for your vehicle

The window graphic is not the only option for the storefront in the modern advertising industry, it also adaptable for the vehicle back window to target a large volume of the customer on the road. Customized rear window graphics are commonly seen from the entire rear or side windows on almost every type of vehicle that has windows such as cars, trucks, vans, and commercial vehicles.

The benefit of window graphics:


This is the top voted benefit from the vehicle owner who requires the window graphic. The function of a one-way vision graphic is similar to window tint. It provides a high level of privacy for the people who are inside of the vehicle, while visible the sight of view.

2.An economic marketing solution

On the basic level, the window graphic is a cost-effective advertising realization because you only paying once compare to other forms of custom signage. And the window graphic is easy to renew regularly due to the convenience of install and removal.

Additionally, the window graphic offers flexible marketing opportunities basing on the feature of the vehicle’s mobility, and the compulsion of media exposure. It combines both benefits of online ad and physical ad for the business with limited costing. Comparing to the other marketing channel, the rear window graphic also able to enhance digital marketing and improve customer conversion if you print the website address, social media sites, and QR code on.

3.Double the exposure and establishing brand loyalty

To improve your brand value and recognition, the business needs to enhance the positive brand exposure in multi-channel. Rear window graphic is an irreplaceable channel that has bulk audience share either driving or parking.

Based on the compulsion of outdoor media, the rare window graphic also shows high penetration of the viewer that other digital media don’t offer. Meanwhile, unlike other outdoor advertising, rare windows graphic is a proper strategy to expose your brand image for the long-term because it is flexible and affordable.   

The technology of window graphics:

The Concept Wraps offers two types of Rear Window Graphics: Vinyl cutting and one-way vision color graphic design.

The Vinyl cutting usually designed for simple text or logo in solid color and lasts longer. The adhesive vinyl comes with a wide range of materials to polish the surface and highlight the design including gold, silver, simulates frosted glass, reflective, etc.

Full-color rear window graphic (The one-way vision color graphic) is an innovative window graphic technology. It allows the visibility from inside of the vehicle while viewing from outside is your window graphic. It perfectly designed for completing the vehicle warp because it made form a perforated vinyl film with self-adhesive function. It is more attractive and powerful than Vinyl cutting.


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