The vinyl vehicle wrap of your car is an investment, and you should be proud when you drive around town this summer. One disadvantage of keeping your station under the natural spotlight is the brightness of the sun!

The heat radiated by the sun is the key to the quality of your car packaging. Unfortunately, in Sydney Australia, it is difficult to protect your car from the heat, but we have some simple tips to assist you to maintain the integrity of your vinyl wrap.

Avoid direct sunlight

The high temperature brought by the sun will not only discolour your car wrap but also cause yellowing, shrinkage and cracking, which requires expensive alternatives. It is difficult to avoid the heat when driving, but when you are not hanging out on the street, try to keep your car away from direct sunlight.

Although you need to spend a few more minutes to find a suitable parking place or a cool place to let your car rest, you will thank us because your protective film is not permanently damaged by ultraviolet light!

Car wash more frequently

One of the easiest ways to maintain the vehicle wrap in summer is to wash it more frequently. Remember, your warranty is not indestructible, even a thorough car wash can damage it. Therefore, when washing the car, wash it by hand and with a soft sponge.

Keep cold water and try to wash in a cool place. This is an important summer tip, because when your car is driving in hot weather, it will start to form unsightly deposits that are difficult to remove. If you give up this question, then you better start preparing your next car packaging design.

Pay attention to dust and debris

The dust and other particles that your car picked up on the road will soon cause problems with your fidelity film during the cleaning process. Spend a few minutes every day to remove the trash from the car.

If you do not do this, your wrap will begin to show signs of stains. Although these black stains look no big deal on the surface, the fact is that once they appear, it is impossible to remove them from your car wrap.

Give extra protection in the summer

At Concept Wraps, we can effectively apply protective wrapping to add extra protection to your vehicle.

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