At present, the window glass of most vehicles in the market is generally ordinary glass and coated glass. The maximum UV blocking rate is 19% and 37%, respectively. Therefore, the window glass can not meet the daily needs of thermal insulation and UV protection. This is the reason why use the window tinting to improve the deficiencies of the car window itself. Even if it is a more expensive imported car, whether it is to achieve the best heat insulation. The effect of anti-ultraviolet light is still for your own family’s healthy driving life, it is best to install window tinting.

The benefits of Window Tinting

Heat insulation

When your car is exposed to the sun, the temperature inside the car is often unbearable. Most of the heat in the car is radiated through the unfilmed glass. If you keep the air conditioner on all the time, you will incur expensive gasoline costs and wear out the air conditioning system. Pasting a high-quality heat insulation film can quickly cool down the interior of the car and effectively insulate heat. Today’s top-end front insulation window tinting can block more than 50% of the solar heat.


This is an important feature related to safety. The high-quality explosion-proof tinting uses special polyester film as the base material. The film itself has strong toughness and is matched with special pressure-sensitive adhesive. When the glass encounters an accidental collision, the window tinting will stick firmly after the glass breaks and will not splash and hurt people. The glass’s own performance determines its fragility, which is highly dangerous during high-speed driving. Cars with high-quality explosion-proof window films tinting can firmly adhere to the glass fragments in the case of broken glass so that they will not splash and avoid secondary injuries to the occupants.

Explosion-proof and anti-theft

A thief with a tool can break the glass within five seconds, enter the car, and loot the property in the car. Explosion-proof car window tinting can extend the time for criminals to break the window glass from a few seconds to even nearly a minute. According to police statistics, if the criminal cannot succeed within ten seconds, he will retreat and seek the next goal.


Thermal insulation film experts remind the majority of car owners: Many urbanites in modern society spend hours every day in their cars.
If the car is not attached to the film tinting, in the long run, the ultraviolet rays in the sun will cause great damage to the skin, it will dry the skin, accelerate skin aging, and further denature the nucleic acids and proteins in the epidermal cells, resulting in acute dermatitis (that is, sunburn ) And other symptoms, UV exists all year round. At the same time, ultraviolet rays in sunlight are also the main cause of fading damage to car interiors, leather, fabrics, etc.

Note that the window film tinting you are attaching may have an impact on your health.

When waiting for the traffic lights, it is not difficult for everyone to find that the back window film of some cars is blistered. Maybe these car owners just think that the car is a transportation tool, and the appearance is not particularly important. And just let it go. But if you know that these bubbled window tintings are seriously harmful to your health, will you continue to use them?

Professionals say that one of the biggest features of the inferior window tinting is that they are not thermally insulated. After a car with a non-insulating and inferior quality film exposed to sunlight, the formaldehyde content in the car may increase. This is because the amount of formaldehyde released from pollution sources such as films, footpads and seat covers in the car will increase significantly after exposure. Formaldehyde exists in the form of sticky, with the increase of temperature and time, its volatile amount will increase, which will cause the concentration of formaldehyde in the car to increase. In recent years, news that formaldehyde has exceeded the standard and endangers the health of car owners have been heard in Australia.


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