The hot new wave running trough the automotive graphic industry surely is a colour flip vinyl wrap. These cutting edge films are an excellent choice for both personal vehicles restyling along with commercial advertising applications. The effect of this changing colour is that when viewed from different directions, the colour has seen shifts between different tones. In some cases, the colour completely changes. This exciting effect makes for a truly unique look for any daily driver, show car, or service vehicle alike.

Here is a quick walk around our 3 Series demo car wrapped in Avery’s Satin Urban Jungle:

The finish of the films does offer another angle on the diversity of materials that our customers may select from. The above-pictured satin finish is surely the latest trend among the industry and car enthusiast scene. A colour flip vinyl wrap may also be done in gloss and matte appearances.

While the colour selections from vinyl wrap manufacturers can be quite expansive, they also evolve with ongoing trend changes. We like to think of wraps being “clothes for cars.” In effect, automotive styling trends can change much like the very threads you might be wearing today. You may consider colour flip vinyl wraps to be automotive fashion. If you give it some thought, there really isn’t much of a difference. If clothing can be an expression of personal style, why can’t this be the case for the vehicle that you drive every day?

In addition to turning heads, a colour flip vinyl wrap can offer a level of paint protection. When you have an airtight layer of durable film covering every square inch of your car, you can bet that a wrap insulates the vehicle from many damaging elements to an extent. No, it may not protect you from vicious projectiles on the road, but you could be confident this will protect from sun fading, swirl marks, and some oxidation.


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