While car wrapping used to be a way of advertising on vehicles, they are now gaining popularity as a means to change the color or design of your vehicle without having it painted. It doesn’t matter if you are wrapping your vehicle to advertise, or just to switch it up a little, you want to make sure you’re keeping up with the current trends. Here are whats hot in car wrap trends for 2020:

Matte Black

The matte black wrap can be used to wrap a car totally or for a two-tone look. Black has always been a popular choice for car colors because it is perceived as elegant. The matte black car wraps are not only stylish, but they are also exotic. This is also becoming a popular trend for motorcycles.

Galaxy Black

The galaxy black wraps are deep, dark black with just a flicker of light. They can be used to wrap the whole vehicle or only on the interior of the car. Galaxy black car wraps are glitzy and glamorous.

Textured Wraps

Textured wraps add style to vehicles and give them a custom look. Textured car wraps make cars look unique. Textures that are used for textured wraps include brushed metals, carbon fiber, and shadow.

Metallic Wraps

Metallic car wraps come in a variety of colors and can be gloss, matte, or satin metallics. Metallic car wraps can be used on the full car, or it can be applied to just the hood, roof, trunk or mirrors. Get creative with metallic wraps! No matter how you use them, metallic wraps are fun and creative.

These are just some of the car wrap trends that are already gaining popularity in 2020. There are a variety of colors, metals, patterns, and textures that can be used for car-wrapping. Car wrapping is popular, not just for advertising but because it allows you to temporarily change the color of your car without doing anything permanent to your vehicle. And car wraps can be easily removed without causing permanent damage to the paint on a vehicle.


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