Custom window decals are an excellent option for your business for many reasons, and you may want to consider adding them to your vehicle wrap.

If you’re a business owner, you know how important signage is to your enterprise, whether you have your own storefront and a physical location, or your entire business is handled via a fleet of cars. Vinyl decals are used all the time by the general public, but they’re often an overlooked benefit of how you can advertise your business.

Here are a few reasons you may want to consider using custom window decals for your business.

Affordable Advertising

From a decorating standpoint, windows are a terrific way to let lots of natural light into a space, but they’re not always ideal when you have a business, and you don’t otherwise have merchandise that you might put on display. Vinyl decals are an excellent option for advertising because they are removable, changeable, and reusable. 

Do you have a sale every year that you want to promote? Rather than hanging a sign outside that might become worn and faded with repeated use outside, consider a window decal sign. Advertise your Black Friday sale every year for a few weeks and then take the decals down for use another year. Update your current promotions easily, regularly, and affordably with custom window decals.

Make Use of Windows

If you have some vast windows across the front facade of your business, you might not feel you have that much wall real estate on which to advertise. Windows are the perfect place to put decals that offer details on your company’s products, as well as general information like hours of operation. Don’t let your fleet go to waste when you can employ some custom decals on it.

Window Decals Don’t Need Permits

If you want to install a significant sign on the front of your business, you might need to ask the city in which you live for a permit. Installing anything notable when it comes to signage often means paying attention to city statutes regarding signs, as well as permitting requirements. Window decals aren’t an item that requires endless red tape and bureaucracy.

All you have to do with custom window decals is choose the right spot on your windows to ensure maximum visibility and clarity. You’ll only pay for the window decals, and you won’t have to worry about the extra costs involved in getting a new part of your building permitted or approved. Even better, your decals won’t take up any valuable floor space in your business.

Decals are Even Great for Personal Use 

Custom window decals are a terrific option for personal use when you want to advertise something like a yard sale or tell everyone about your recent high school graduate, retiree, or marriage. Custom window decals are personal and creative, and they can help you showcase something to the world for a very modest investment. The best part is that the decals will appear beautiful and professional when applied.


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