Benefits from paint correction.

An automobile is a sizeable investment, and at Concept Wraps, we want your investment to pay dividends for years to come. If you’ve ever discovered scratches or wear on your vehicle then you know how discouraging it is; removing fine damage from paint is a meticulous process that requires tools, time, and training. At Concept Wraps, we have the equipment, experience, and education necessary to correct the paint on your car, motorcycle, or even boat, so that you can get back to enjoying your vehicle. For many automobile owners, scratches and wear are an inevitable reality. Our mission is to prove that you don’t need to live with paint damage. The importance of paint correction cannot be understated: any car, motorcycle owner can benefit from paint correction, whether your vehicle is fresh off the lot or older than you are. When you are in need for leasing a vehicle, then getting a paint correction done on the scratches, wear and tear will save you a lot of time and money before you turn the vehicle in. For those looking to sell their vehicle, paint correction is a must; with thousands of automobiles for sale every day visual appeal and perceived worth are everything.

What causes paint damage?

From age related wear and tear to acid rain or bird droppings, anything can cause Paint damage. Over time your vehicle will sustain some sort of paint damage, which, if left uncorrected, can cause costly and sometimes irreversible imperfections that will drag the value of your vehicle down. Paint correction can prevent these serious problems and also fix wear caused by low quality soaps or tools that leave your paint covered in swirl marks and buffer trails.

How does it work?

Paint correction is a multistep process. It starts with a complete wash to remove dirt and debris from all the parts of the vehicle. Next, a range of polishes is used to carefully remove the damaged outer coat of paint to reveal a new, undamaged finish. The most important thing to note is that paint correction is not anything like concealment. Paint correction is the only way to permanently fix damage that has been done to paint.

What to do to prevent paint damage?

Although paint correction can repair damage that has been done to the surface of a vehicle, it cannot guarantee that a vehicle will not eventually sustain more damage caused by wear. At Concept Wraps, we can remedy this problem with ways of paint protection measures, such as ceramic coating, or paint protection film for enthusiasts.