2024 Wrap Trends 

Transforming your car’s look doesn’t need to be a complicated and expensive process. Car wrapping allows you to update your vehicle in a flash. A car wrap offers numerous benefits to your ride, so consider these trending car wraps for 2024 when you want your vehicle to have a fresh, new look. 

The Power of Bright and Bold Colors 

While matte black, satin black, dark satin grey and nardo grey continue to dominate the car wrap scene, it’s impossible to ignore bright, bold, and fun car wraps. Car owners are beginning to branch out from the dark tones and are opting for unique, visually engaging car wraps that inject colour into their lives. 

Hot Pink / Fuschia Pink Tesla Colour Change Wrap 

Matte Orange Mercedes Colour Change Wrap 

Gloss Yellow BMW Colour Change Wrap  

The Fascinating World of “Itasha” 

In Japanese car culture, “Itasha” refers to a car decorated with images of anime, manga, or video game characters. These cars come in various designs, from a full car wraps. Or to feature decals on certain parts of the car, like the hood, windows, or rear bumper. Sometimes, these decals can even be gigantic, displaying the owner’s favourite characters for all to see. 

Custom One Piece Anime Itasha Toyota Alphard Van Wrap 

Custom Pikachu Anime Cartoon Itasha Toyota Alphard Van Wrap  

Pastel car wraps 

If you’re considering a colour wrap for your car, but want something more subtle on the eyes, pastel colours may be the perfect solution. Pastel car wraps have become increasingly popular, due to their calming effect, and are reminiscent of iconic vintage cars of the past. They offer a quieter option that adds personality to your car without overwhelming the senses. If you desire a more vibrant-looking car but want to avoid something too bold or flashy, pastel colours may be the ideal choice for you.

Rolls Royce Dawn in PET Crystal Khaki Green Wrap 

Mini Cooper in Gloss Rouge Pink Wrap 

Ferrari F12 in Sea Breeze Blue Wrap 

Motorsport inspired  

Attention all racing fans! This is your sign to rejoice! You already know what’s up with our next wrap trend. If you’re into rally, track, race and anything motorsport, hese bold graphics are always a popular and stylish option for your next car wrap. With a wide range of colors, patterns, graphics, and logos available, racing liveries can completely transform your car into a head-turning machine that’s sure to get people talking.

Lotus in Blue, Black and White Custom Livery Wrap

Lotus in Blue, Black and White Custom Livery Wrap 

Subaru STI Custom Decals 

Toyota 86 Custom Decals 

Iridescent Car Wraps 

When it comes to unique and captivating colour change vehicle wraps, look no further than the pearlescent/iridescent. These wraps are not your typical gloss or matte wraps. Instead, they produce a mesmerizing visual effect on your car. Depending on the angle, the wraps produce a beautiful, color-changing effect that sets your car apart from the crowd. That’s why these wraps are so popular and will continue to be a favorite choice in 2024.

Porsche Boxster Iridescent Car Wrap 

BMW X4 and BMW M4 Competition in Purple to Silver Car Wrap

Porsche Boxster Iridescent Car Wrap 

For car enthusiasts, their vehicle is more than just a machine – it’s an extension of their personality. That’s why many owners seek to make their cars truly unique. If you’re wondering what’s in style when it comes to car wraps, we hope these trends inspire you with some ideas on how to revamp your ride’s look this year. 

Whether you’re interested in a full or partially wrapped, there are countless ways to let your personality shine through. Let your daily driver become a reflection of who you are, and contact Concept Wraps to schedule an appointment today!