Tesla’s car colour palette can be limiting. When you buy a Tesla, it is all about function over style, so you’re limited to the selection of car colours of black, white, silver, blue, and red. You might have to settle for a car colour you’re not so crazy about.

But don’t panic, just because your car is stuck in a car colour doesn’t mean it has to stay that way forever! Our expert team at Concept Wraps can make any ride unique and truly your own with our top-of-the-line car wrapping services. We use the best brands in the biz, like 3M, Avery Dennison, Hubsite Australia and Orafol to name a few, to give your car a makeover and transform it from boring to spectacular! Pick any colour, or finish, we can even create a custom design that’s as unique as you. The options are endless! Here are just 5 hot ideas to get your engine revvin’ with excitement!

1.) Boring colours reign supreme

It’s no secret that neutral shades are the top pick for Australian car owners, even when it comes to car wrapping. For the past couple of years, white has been the undefeated champion, followed by black, grey, and silver as the simple and safe choice. These shades are the safe choice when you consider reselling your car in the future or if you plan to use it as your daily driver for years to come.

Alt text: Concept Wraps Tesla Model 3 Car Wrap in Dark Satin Grey

Alt text: Concept Wraps Tesla Model S Car Wrap in Satin Black

2.) Go Bold with High Gloss Red

Alt text: Tesla Concept Wraps Model 3 Wrap in Super Bright Metallic Red

If you’re a trailblazer who loves to paint the town red, then you’re in luck! A dazzling red car wrap will turn heads, and is also a popular choice. Whether it’s a Ferrari, Maserati, or your own Tesla, this bold choice will make your car look sporty and flashy on the road.

A shiny high-gloss red car wrap can transform your Tesla into an attention-grabbing powerhouse that’s second to none! So, go ahead and make a statement, and let your bold personality shine.

3.) Add Personality with Custom Decals / Graphics

Alt Text: Concept Wraps Tesla Model 3 Custom Graphic Wrap

Custom decals and graphics are a fun and creative way to express your unique style. Whether you want an image, text, or both, you can design a customized decal that reflects your personality. From small stickers and stripes to large custom pieces on your car, decals can add pop and flair to your vehicle.

Alt Text: Concept Wraps Tesla Model 3 Commercial Wrap Vehicle Signage

They’re also perfect for making a statement and great design can catch the eye of others from a distance. Moreover, car decals can be used as a powerful tool to market your business or brand, turning your vehicle into a mobile advertising platform.

4.) Nature’s Palette: Go with these vivacious Green wraps

Alt Text: Concept Wraps Tesla Model 3 Apple Green Wrap Metallic Green Wrap

Green is a colour that has long been associated with nature, balance and peace. However, in the world of car wraps, there is a wide variety of greens to choose from, ranging from British Racing Green, olive, mint, and pistachio to high-impact fluorescents. There is a green car wrap to suit every taste and these two heavy-hitter green wraps are the perfect examples.

Alt Text: Concept Wraps Tesla Model 3 Apple Green Wrap 

The Apple Green car wrap is a vibrant and attention-grabbing shade of green that is sure to turn heads. The Metallic Green car wrap, which is reminiscent of Porsche’s Viper Green is also an eye-catching shade that looks great on a range of vehicles, from the VW Golf to Teslas.

Alt Text: Concept Wraps Tesla Model 3 Metallic Green Wrap

5.) Going over the rainbow with colour-changing car wraps

Alt Text: Concept Wraps Tesla Model 3 Psychedelic Wrap

These iridescent and captivating car wraps go by many names: chameleon, colour-flow, and colour shift, but the appeal is universal. When exposed to light, the wrap changes colour, producing a unique chameleon effect that’s sure to catch the eye. With numerous brands, colourways, and finishes to choose from, Avery Dennison’s Colour Flow line is at the forefront of the trend. Can’t decide on a single colour? Opt for colour flow and enjoy a spectrum of colours on your car wrap.

Alt Text: Concept Wraps Tesla Model 3 Psychedelic Wrap

Oh boy, we’re just getting started on the mind-blowing ways you can wrap your Tesla! We’re buzzing with loads of electrifying ideas that we can’t wait to unleash. But, if you’re ready to wrap your Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model Y, or Model X, check out our gallery, Facebook, and Instagram for a dose of inspiration. Revamp your ride with Concept Wraps.

Concept Wraps offers high-quality one-stop car styling services with shop locations in Sydney and Brisbane, to learn more you can email us at info@conceptwraps.com.au or our hotline 1300 418 225