Car Scratch on your car’s paintwork doesn’t just spoil the look of your vehicle, they can also have a host of other side effects if not tended to quickly. You might be wondering whether you should remove them, or, if they’re not too bad, just leave them for another day. But the fact is, by not addressing car scratches promptly after they happen, it can cause a host of other problems.

Here, we take a closer look at why removing car scratches as soon as you can is key in maintaining the look and overall health of your car.

1. Car scratches allow the elements to get to the bottom layers of your vehicle’s bodywork

When we drive, thousands of particles of water, dirt and debris fall on our cars. And when we have even the smallest of scratches, this debris can get into the metal of your car and cause rust. Not only does rust spread, but it can also mean your car needs more extensive, costly work in the future. That gets a big thumbs down from us!

2. Not removing car scratches sets a precedent

When you have a new car, the first scratch or dent is always the hardest to take. But by not getting it fixed, you’re more likely to tolerate others, and before you know it your car becomes a walking scratching post.

3. Car scratches negatively impact its resale potential

Cosmetic damage to your car will reduce its resale value. More often than not, you actually save money by having it professionally repaired and then selling, rather than selling with scratches at a reduced cost

4. Paint scratches cause corrosion

If car scratches turn into rust, that rust can spread and corrode vital components of your car. Dealing with the scratches as soon as they happen means you stop any rust in its tracks and protect the integrity of your car.

5. Car scratches can look unprofessional

If you use your car for business purposes, having it covered in scratches can look unprofessional. By removing car scratches when they happen, you can ensure your car looks just as professional as you.

What kind of things cause car scrapes?

There are countless things that can cause damage to your car, but here at Concept Wraps some of the most common we see are:

-Other cars

–Indentations from loose rocks and pebbles

-Scratches created by overgrown hedges

-Tools people have used to try and attend to car scratches themselves.

Should I tend to car scratches myself?

Whether or not you fix a car scratch yourself largely depends on how confident you are, and how bad the scratch is. For smaller scrapes, you may have success with a scratch removal kit – but if the scratch is too big, it might make more sense to leave it to a professional. Ultimately, it can often work out cheaper to call the experts and get it the right first time, rather than paying to fix a problem you’ve made worse.

If you’re not confident in removing scratches on your car yourself or don’t have the kit to do it, our mobile repair specialists are available to save the day. All you need to do is find your local specialist and give them a call for a no-obligation chat.


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