Cleaning the car can be a colossal task. Whilst it’s never a quick job, following these 10 tips should make the job an easy one! 

Here, we take a closer look at some top tips on cleaning your car – and the steps you can take to keep it tidy.

1. Rubbish bag at the ready!

Before you can start cleaning your car, you’ll have the dreaded job of removing all the rubbish first. While it might look like a huge task, you’ll be surprised at how much difference this alone can make. When all the rubbish is in its rightful place, you can start the fun bit – cleaning!

2. Make it fun!

Running a family car cleaning competition can be a good way of entertaining the kids – especially if there are prizes involved! As with most things, if you make it fun, it doesn’t have to be a chore.

3. Take out the floor mats

If you want a germ-free car, taking out the floor mats for a thorough scrub is essential. After all, think about all the bacteria that has rubbed off your shoes! Whether you hoover the mats or give them a jet wash all depends on whether the car mats you have are rubber or carpet.

4. Brush the interior fabrics

Although it’s tempting to get straight to it with vacuuming your car, a good tip is to first use a stiff brush to agitate the fabric and release debris. This saves you time aimlessly hoovering, only to find that crushed crumbs won’t budge.

5. Make use of household items

If you can’t get out to buy specialist car cleaning equipment, some household items can be great substitutes. One of our favourites is the trusty washing up brush which can be used instead of a detailing brush. Toiletry items like cotton buds or old toothbrushes are excellent for getting into hard to reach areas of your car interior, such as fans, cupholders and more. Finally, rubbing alcohol can be an effective stain remover, and toothpaste is reported to be great for cleaning your car headlights. So, not having the right equipment is definitely not an excuse to put off cleaning the car!

6. Clean and then disinfect

To maximise your germ-busting power, first, clean away dirt and debris before disinfecting with something like rubbing alcohol. But whatever products you choose, ensure you create a test patch before you get too carried away. The last thing you want is to damage the inside of your car.

7. Set car rules

While an in-car snack ban might be too much to ask, setting car rules can let your passengers know what’s allowed and what’s not. Whether that’s taking in your rubbish when you’ve finished a snack, or not kicking the seats with muddy shoes on, it all helps in keeping your car looking and smelling its best.

8. Invest in waterproof seat covers

Most cars experience their fair share of spillages, and if you have a dog you’ll be all too familiar with muddy paw prints. Get ahead and invest in some waterproof seat covers that can be washed – making sure your car always looks and smells as good as new.

9. Be careful with moisture

It’s easy to get on a roll with cleaning, but be careful of getting your car’s electrics wet. This means cleaning carefully around electric windows and doors and removing excess moisture with a damp cloth where you can.

10. Get Organised

Thanks to some nifty in-car storage systems, the days of having to cram everything in the glovebox are gone. Just like a house, you’ll find it easier to keep clean and tidy if everything has its place. Whether you have a box in the back for the kids’ toys and games or swanky cup holders to minimise spillages, there are hundreds of in-car accessories to help keep your car clean and tidy.


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