Our modern times are unfolding in unpredictable ways. But one thing has remained consistent — there are always cars on the road regardless of the workplace and school restrictions. People need to get out for various tasks and errands, and their eyes are on the other vehicles on the road. Advertising with specialized Concept Wraps is highly effective.

Displaying your company’s logo and information on vehicle graphics, van wraps, truck wraps, and various car wrap options can be a dynamic way to bring awareness and reminders to the public. This digitally-printed mobile billboard is carefully created by experienced printing professionals at Car Wraps. 

We work diligently to make sure we craft your advertisement just right before printing permanently on durable vinyl. It’s best to use vibrant, eye-catching graphic designs — not too detailed but bold enough for aesthetic appeal — and a “call to action” for the viewer of your ad. Either a website or phone number works splendidly. The sturdy vinyl end product applies easily to vehicles.

There is a wonderful array of options to choose from when it comes to car wrap displays. Choose between full wraps, partial wraps, or smaller window displays. Full wraps cover an entire car or other vehicles, while window wraps are made to ensure proper visibility in every direction because safety always comes first. The wraps are extremely strong and fade-resistant, with many of them lasting up to five years.

Vehicle advertising wraps have been shown to be highly effective with the public. The industry uses the term “impressions” when determining statistics in using car wrap technologies — and studies have shown that one vehicle with wrap advertising often generates over 60 thousand “daily vehicular impressions” with other drivers and pedestrians. This type of mobile marketing brings in over two times the amount of attention than a static billboard command. The recall rate is spectacular, as well. Some research shows a recall rate of over 95%, which is unheard of in some other advertising circles.

See why small and medium business owners are seeing such great success from car wrap usage? Even with social distancing in play, people do notice ads on vehicles. Why not look into it, too! Get in touch with the friendly team at Concept Wraps for information on creating your own top-notch mobile marketing displays. Contact us today to get the best graphics and wrapping services for your vehicle.

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