Vehicle wraps graphics are a great way to advertise your business and increase leads. However, the design and graphics of your car wrap play a vital role in its effectiveness. For instance, if your design isn’t visible, potential customers will not be able to see your wrap and what information it has.

Therefore, when designing your vehicle wrap, it is essential to include all the necessary information required to generate leads. The information you include in your vehicle wrap, however, depends on several factors, such as:

• The use of your car
• The goal of your business
• Do you want to promote or share a call to action?

Once you determine the above, you can go ahead with designing your car wrap. Here is some important information you should include in its graphics.

1. Business name and logo

Including your organization’s name and logo in your wrap is essential as it makes you stand out from your competitors. Unfortunately, many businesses tend to include a small logo and name at a corner of the vehicle wrap, which makes it less effective in communicating to clients who you are.

To avoid this, ensure your brand’s name and logo is at a larger font than any other text on the wrap, and it contrasts the background for easy visibility.

2. Phone number and website address

Since your vehicle is mobile, ensure you include a phone number and web address that is easily readable and can be seen against your wrap background. Such information is vital as it lets customers know how they can reach you when they want to utilize your services.

3. Slogan

If you have a tagline that is part of your advertising campaign, include it in your vehicle wrap design for memorability. However, only add a slogan if it’s short and to the point since long slogans can be challenging to read.


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