Wanting to keep under the radar whilst still turning heads? Camo wrap not quite the style for your motor? The matte black stealth look could be exactly what your car needs.

What is the stealth look?

Most colours are available in matte, gloss or satin finishes but for the ultimate stealth look its got to be a matte black car wrap.

Matte black sets off every angle and contour of the car and adds a depth to the finish that you just don’t get with gloss paint or gloss wrap.

It’s the way the light reflects (or doesn’t!) off the matte that creates this smooth almost futuristic finish.

Image showing an Audi TT with a matte black car wrap by Auto Wrap Centre Liverpool

Although matte black is my go-to colour for the stealth look, dark grey also looks pretty cool. Match with black wheels and prepare to turn heads on every drive.

Speaking of wheels, black rims are a must for the stealth look.

You can’t go all in with a matte finish and keep with the shiny alloys. Either look for a new set or get your originals refinished and repainted in black.

De-chroming for the stealth look

It’s not just those shiny alloys that have got to go, all that chrome trim has got to change too.

And the best way to blackout chrome trim is to use quality chrome delete film.

Image showing a dechromed window car surround used in a blog post about matte black car stealth look by Autowrap Centre Liverpool

The grille and window surrounds can be wrapped with the same matte black as the rest of the car or something a bit different. We’ve wrapped grilles with a carbon fibre look, or added a contrasting colour detail to make your motor really stand out.

Interior wrapping to keep stealthy

Along with the chrome on the outside, we can also wrap the trim details inside. Any part of the interior trim that just doesn’t fit in with your look can be changed simply to something that does look the part.

Ask us for a quote to modify the parts that need it. To transform your car into something unique isn’t as expensive as you might think.

Window tinting for covert ops

We go through more info in this post on custom window tinting but for the complete stealth look, those windows definitely need darkening down.

There’s a number of options for the amount of tint – we can show you the differences between shade percentages.

Stealth headlight tinting

To complete the stealth image, tint the headlights and rear light clusters.

Fully road legal and MOT compliant, tinted lights give a real unique look to any car, not just a stealth bomber. Like with tinted windows, the film we use is available in different shades and colours.

Stick with a grey or black in a light to medium tint to keep indicators, headlights and braking visible.

You don’t want to be so stealthy that no-one can see you on the road!

Looking after your matte car wrap

As with all wrapping vinyl, the right after-care will keep it looking great for longer.

A matte black car wrap is no different.

Dont use anything abrasive – no polishes or cutting compounds.

No solvents or oil based cleaners.

Stick to hand washing – mechanical car washes can be too rough and could lift the vinyl.

Use a gentle car washing detergent or better still, use a cleaning system thats designed exclusively for vinyl wraps.

Image showing Croftgate cleaning products specifically made for cleaning vinyl wrapped cars and available from Auto Wrap Centre Liverpool

Ready to rock that stealth look?

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