So you’re thinking about getting car wraps? Great idea. But of course, you want to understand how to maintain it, keeping your ride looking as great as possible and extending its longevity.

The following are 8 essential tips that’ll ensure your car continues turning heads and looking as great as the day it rolled out of the showroom…

  1. Wipe off unwanted “splats” as soon as possible: Acidic stains such as bird strikes, tree sap, and squished bugs can, if left on for too long, could cause damage to car wrapsThe longer they remain the harder they are to remove, so set to them with warm soapy water to loosen, leaving for a few minutes before rinsing and drying with a microfiber cloth.  If they’re stubborn use a specialist cleaner, but not one that’s oil-based or contains solvents—and always test before using.
  2. Use car washes with caution: Drive-throughs with brushes can potentially damage a car wrap, causing peeling and/or lifting. Brushless ones are okay to use, but the safest option is a hand-car wash—either do it yourself or use one of the many services that can be found in every town and city. And while we’re on the subject of washing…
  3. Regular cleaning is essential: Use a gentle automotive cleaner to wash your car—one that’s designed to be used on car wraps. Preferably do this weekly, or more often if the car’s subjected to excessive dirt and pollutants. Use a good quality sponge, rinse thoroughly, use a chamois or silicone squeegee to remove excess water, and then dry with a microfiber cloth.
  4. Wipe away fuel spillages immediately:  Any diesel or petrol spilled on the wrap will, if left, cause degradation. If at a gas station use a wet paper towel to remove the worst, and then wash properly once you get home.
  5. Products to avoid: The following should never be used on a car wrap as they can be damaging: Engine degreaser, oil-based cleaners, or solvents. In addition, (and it should go without saying) don’t use any product that isn’t designed for cars, such as oven cleaner or those meant for the kitchen or bathroom.
  6. Spot cleaning: Substances such as isopropyl rubbing alcohol or Simple Green can be safely used for small stains, as long as you rinse immediately with cool water. Don’t wipe the wrap when it’s hot, as it can cause wrinkling.

Other aspects to take into consideration include not leaving your car in the sun or extreme elements for long periods. 

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