Tinting your car windows is a wonderful method by which to upgrade your car. Aside from aesthetics, it offers a multitude of other benefits. The following details some of the most commonly asked questions and reasons you might consider carrying out such an instant car makeover to beautifully pimp your ride.

  1. What exactly is it? Car window tinting is the application of polyester material to the inside of the glass. Composed of several micro-thin layers (the number depends on the darkness and level of protection required), it blocks out elements of UV light, glare, and heat.
  2. What do the different numbers mean in the description? The level of light that’s allowed through is determined by a percentage number. The lower the number, the darker the film will be.
  3. What are the benefits? These are numerous and include blocking UV rays, increasing security, reduces the energy used by the car’s A/C system to cool the interior, and stops glare by up to 90%, meaning less strain on your eyes.
  4. Does it take long to apply? For a first application, and depending on the size of the car and number of windows being tinted, expect the process to take between 1-4 hours. If old tint needs to be removed then that’ll take more time—at least a couple of hours or so.
  5. Anything I need to know post-procedure? Yes! You need to leave the windows closed for anything up to 4 days before rolling them down (your supplier will tell you exactly how long). They need time to cure to prevent the film from peeling. In addition, while this is taking place any moisture trapped between the glass and the film causes a hazy effect. This is completely normal and will naturally dry out and evaporate (the film is porous). It can take a month or two, especially in cold or damp climates.
  6. What about cleaning? Because the tint is on the inside then there’s no need to worry about specialist exterior cleaning (yes, you can still use a car wash). When it comes to the inside, use a window cleaner that doesn’t contain ammonia and refrain from using paper towels. There are cleaners made specifically for tinted windows, or save money and use soap and water or a combination of vinegar and water.
  7. I’ve seen some window tints turn purple. Is that normal? As with everything in life, you get what you pay for. Quality window tints use materials that don’t fade, nor do they bubble when exposed to excessive heat. 


Window tinting is an investment, thanks to the look and the many advantages it brings. Getting the application right is an art, one that’s best carried out by a professional. Concept Wraps is an expert in this field, offering a variety of different options depending on your needs.

Taking advantage of Concept Wraps’ service means you can rest easy that your beautifully tinted car windows will be strictly in line with Australian regulations. This is a vital component to take into account, allowing the coolest of car vibes without any concerns that you’re stepping outside of any laws. Can’t wait? Contact us today!

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