Here is no doubt that wrapping your car is a wise decision. Whether for your private or commercial use, wrapping is the best way to protect your car and promote your business in an original way. However, there are some tips to take care of car wrap and ensure its durability.

Tips to take care of car wrap:

  1. Keep it away from excessive sunlight: UV rays can do a lot of damage to the wrap of your car. Excessive heat causes the decals to detach from the surface, losing its adhering capability. Try to park your car in the shade as much as you can and have a special protector.
  2. Do not take it to the car wash: always try to wash your car by hand with a mild detergent. The automatic car-wash brushes can be very aggressive and tear off the car’s wrap little by little.
  3. Do not wash your car if it is very hot outside: as we already mentioned, the excessive heat makes decals and vinyl detach more easily. So, if it is very hot outside, avoid washing or brushing your car, since you can damage the wrapping work.
  4. Use high quality wraps: we already know that wrapping your car can be very useful to promote your business or protect the original painting. Then, give it the necessary importance and make sure you use the best material to wrap your car.

At Concept Wraps, we apply high-quality standards when choosing the materials used for each wrap. Also, we advise you on the care and maintenance of your vehicle so that the work lasts and fulfils its function longer.Contact us today to get the best graphics and wrapping services for your vehicle.

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