Concept Wraps specializes in wrapping vehicles and fleets for local businesses. One of our favorite business vehicles to wrap is the visually appealing food truck. When it comes to business, many food truck owners have an idea of how they want their design to come out, but their primary focus is the items on their menu. We understand this completely, and that is why we are here with some handy tips to consider if your food truck business is considering a flashy truck wrap for the holiday season.

1. Use Your Uniqueness as an Advantage

Before you even begin considering the type of design you want for your food truck, you must look inward. As yourself what makes your business unique, and why people love to order up at your window.

Once you can figure out what puts you a step above the competition, you can then begin to highlight these qualities within your design. 

For example, we recently wrapped a Bahama Buck’s trailer. This wrap had a design that focused on their exotic islander theming. This is what sets them apart from other smoothie and snow cone vendors, so it only made sense to use their edge as a focal point.

2. Meet with Your Designer to Tell Your Story

Your story and core beliefs should be what anchors your food truck wrap design. Take some time to meet with your designer one-on-one. During this meeting, tell them your story, who you are, and why you even got into the food truck business. 

Remember, your designer is not the specialist of your industry, you are. So, getting the right vibes in place before the initial wrap design is very important. Scheduling this meeting will definitely seal the deal on this part of the design process.

3. Be Open to Collaboration

Once your designer has their creative juices flowing, the real fun begins for your wrap. We know that your brand is your pride and joy, and we want to keep it that way. We only ask that you approach this project as more of a partnership than an assignment.

Our focus is on aesthetic. We want to make your food truck the most appealing one in its niche. This means that our creative expression matters. We will make every effort to make your food truck pop. So, trust that your truck is not in the hands of a novice and let us show you the creativity that has made our brand a success.

4. Showcase Your Delicious Product on Your Food Truck Wrap

Finally, consider your most visually appealing item on the menu and slap it on the side of your truck! At the end of the day, your food truck wrap is a mobile advertisement that draws your customers in. You’d be surprised at how effective a vibrant image of your best item is compared to an illustrated lookalike. 

Get the Perfect Food Truck Wrap This Holiday Season with Concept Wraps

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