Many people are taking advantage of vehicle wraps to make their cars, trailers, and boats stand out amongst the crowd. From vibrant colors to intricate designs, there seems to be no end to how one can create a wrap for their car that catches the eye.

But if you are a business owner with a commercial fleet, you may want to think of a more straightforward wrap to promote your brand. Here is everything you need to know about when it comes to creating a commercial fleet wrap design that pops and creates sales.

Put Your Business’ Name in the Spotlight

Your business’ name should be the face of your commercial wrap. The goal of the size and positioning of your brand name is to make the drive-by a memorable one for potential customers. 

When designing your vinyl wrap, make sure you are keeping your color coordination in mind. The last thing you need is your brand name to blend into the background of your wrap’s colors. Make sure that your name sticks out and is the first thing that people recognize about your vehicle. Flashy colors may attract attention, but your name is what they’ll remember.

Advertise Your Specialty

The goal of a commercial wrap is to keep it simple. This means that advertising your business’ specialty doesn’t have to take many words to get the point across. For example, if you are a food truck that sells Mexican food, underneath or near your brand name highlight some of the specials you have on sale (i.e. Fresh Tacos & Burritos).

Potential customers only have so much time to take in your message, so make sure that by the time you’ve driven by, they have an idea of what your business is all about. 

Make Your Logo Memorable

Some customers are attracted by a fun logo from the start. Your brand’s logo could be an excellent entry point to someone recognizing your business. This visual aid adds character and helps audiences remember your vehicle. If possible, ensure that your logo properly represents your services and/or a specific aspect of your business.

Don’t Forget Your Contact Info!

Finally, give your customers an easy way to contact your business if they need your services. When designing your custom wrap, don’t forget to add a phone number or website that people can quickly point out. Make this a large part of your design. Our tip is to make your contact info slightly smaller than your business’ name, but larger than any other text on the ad.

Let Concept Wraps Help Your Commercial Vehicle Wraps Attract New Business

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