Below are the top 5 advantages of Car Vinyl Wraps.

Do you dream about customising your vehicle? Your first instinct might be to get a new paint job done on it. The only problem with that is new paint jobs are not cheap, especially the quality ones. If you choose a cheap paint job, you are probably not going to be happy with the results.

Fortunately, there is an alternative solution to this problem. Rather than get a paint job, you can get vinyl wrapping on your vehicle instead. This is a more affordable option and it looks just as good, if not better than paint.

Vinyl wrap is basically a thin film that goes on top of your regular car paint. The affordability and convenience of vinyl wrapping have made it increasingly popular over the last decade or so. You may have even seen cars on the road with vinyl wrapping and not even realised it. That is how realistic they look!

Vinyl wraps come in all sorts of finishes and colour options. This gives you the total creative freedom to customise your vehicle’s appearance in any way you want.

Still not convinced? To prove that vinyl wraps are the best option, below are the top 5 advantages of choosing them over a standard paint job.

1) Affordable

If you choose to get a customised paint job, you can expect to pay as much as £10,000. There are even additional charges for disassembly, reassembly, and other kinds of hidden charges. On top of all that, the service provider will charge you more money if your vehicle has any rust or dents on it. As for vinyl wrapping, you can avoid all these extra charges and fees. The vinyl wrapping job itself is much cheaper than the paint job too.

2) Fast Service

Custom paint jobs must be done very carefully. The entire process could take days or even weeks. Most people cannot go without a car for that length of time. Vinyl wrapping is the perfect alternative because the entire process will be finished within a few days.

3) Paint Protection

Since vinyl wrapping goes over your car’s normal paint, it is really like adding a protective layer over it. That way, the paint won’t be susceptible to light damage, corrosion, fading, and scratches. If you like the factory paint on your vehicle, consider getting a transparent vinyl wrapping so that it can be seen and protected at the same time.

4) Resale is Easy

One bad thing about custom paint jobs is that they are unique to the current owner’s interests and colour preferences. If they want to sell their vehicle, this can be difficult because other buyers might not like the current look. But if you are using vinyl wrapping, it is easier to remove. You just need to peel the vinyl away before you sell it.

5) Mobile Marketing

If you want to advertise your business or get paid to advertise someone else’s business, you can use vinyl wrapping which has the company’s logos and designs on it. And if you ever want to change the ad, you can peel the vinyl off and add new vinyl without any hassle!

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