Many bespoke and prestige vehicles choose this method for a colour change as it is easily reversible if deemed more valuable in its original manufactured colour. Some colours are either unachievable with traditional painting methods or are simply too expensive to justify.


Why spend twice as much on paint when you can change your car with a vinyl wrap! Besides, you can get many benefits of vinyl wrapping your vehicle which paint can not offer. Even if paint quality can vary from one to another, but especially when you shop in a lower price point, painting your vehicle can look great at first; however, after a few years it will show wear and tear. Having your vehicle wrapped in a professionally installed vehicle wrap from Concept Wraps, means that your vehicle will remain magnificent for years to come.

We offer a wide range of color change vinyl wraps and finishes to help you change your car to your own unique style. There is more, a wrap can protect the exterior of your car. It’s time to go driving in a distinct color.

It’s Removable

If you decide you want to go back to the original paint, or a whole new color, the vinyl can be easily removed and replaced. This allows you to change the look of your car more often.

Digital Design

Vinyl wraps can be customized with digital printed designs. This allows you to create an unmistakable appearance for your car. A quick search of Google or Instagram will show some incredible examples of the designs that can be printed on vinyl. You can find examples of cars wrapped to look like old war planes to brand new super cars wrapped to look like they are covered in the patina of sitting in the Australia sun for decades. Digital designs are also a cost-effective option for advertising with your car You Get What You Pay For Not all vinyl is created equal. You get what you pay for. Avery and 3M offer high quality vinyl that will not damage your paint while providing a great look and durability. Other brands might look and feel the same, but they can prove to be less durable and can fade or discolor over time. Worst of all, a low-quality vinyl can cause damage to your paint when removed. So, make sure the vinyl you choose is high quality. From years of experience, we’ve found some of the best quality vinyls to be used in our workshop.