Car wraps is a great marketing tactic that can improve brand awareness and increase sales. However, if you are new to car wraps for advertising your business, you may make some mistakes that affect your brand’s visibility.

Instead of diving right into wrapping your vehicle, perform some due diligence to understand its dos and don’ts. After all, you want to spend your money on a marketing strategy that is of value and increases your ROI.

Here are some car wraps mistakes to avoid for a successful marketing campaign.

1. Weak contrast

Your vehicle will be on the move most of the time, and poor contrast between elements reduces their visibility. Make sure your texts stand out from your background so that they are visible from a distance.

Always go for fonts that are readable and use bright colors against dark colors and vice versa to create a good contrast. For instance, use white texts against a dark purple background.

2. Doing too much

Consumers don’t have time to look at your car and capture everything going on. Thus, keep your design as simple as possible for clients to find what matters within a short time. Also, avoid adding walls of texts, e.g., bullet points, multiple offers, two taglines on your car as no one will read it.

Instead, always go for a tagline that conveys relevant information and add a logo to distinguish your business from your competitors.

3. Leaving bubbles

If you have your car wraps installed by an unprofessional contractor, it is more likely to have bubbles. Leaving your car wraps with bubbles affects the overall quality and visibility of the finished product. This makes your brand look cheap and unreliable in front of customers.

Have a professional install your car wraps as they can carefully check for bubbles during the installation process and eliminate them.

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