Polish + Paint Correction

Car polishing is a preparation procedure of waxing and coating. It's a process of removing scratches and making a mirror effect using abrasive polishes and machines. Even some minor imperfection such as blemish and scratches can be fixed by hand, but serious damage and swirls have to be corrected by professional machine polishing, especially you expect the perfect result.

We offer two types of polishing machines to meet your paint correction requirements, one is Random orbital/Dual action polisher, and the other is Rotary buffers.

The common Random Orbit polisher/Dual-action polisher we primary using is driven by vibration. They move in two directions and spin like a rotary but also orbit in a hand polishing motion. It creates a perfect mirror effect surface without glaring and minimizes the abrasion of the original paint. It's great for paint maintenance and minor scratches.

The Rotary puffers are driven by rotation and spin the pad in a circular motion. The high-speed rotation of the pad removes the swirls/scratches of car paint efficiently with professional operators. It's the best option for serious damage repairer.


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