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Vinyl Boat Wrap Designs: Everything You Need to Know

Whether you experience the open water in a luxurious yacht, high-end cruiser or sail boat, a sporty salt- or fresh-water fishing boat or a fun-loving pontoon, preserving the look and overall investment of your craft is important. You wouldn’t dream of ignoring scheduled engine maintenance, so make sure you guard its appearance and investment value by protecting the boat’s surface, paint and undercoat with vinyl boat wrap designs.


Your boat takes a beating every time it’s on the water, particularly if it’s a salt-water boat or if you travel on choppy waters. Salt water corrodes unprotected paint and undercoat, and continuous use on any type of open water will begin to show in wear and tear on the boat’s surface.

Adding the vinyl film to your boat protects the paint from the sun, salt or fresh water, and scratches that might be caused by rubbing up against the dock or drift wood. A vinyl wrap helps your boat’s exterior remain like new.

Keep in mind that preventing damage is easier than repairing it. Covering scratches and gouges in the hull can be complicated and unnecessarily expensive, yet getting a vinyl wrap is much more reasonably priced.


Your boat is a representation of you and your lifestyle. Why not make it beautiful, eye-catching or dynamic, so it stands out among the other boats?

Choose a design or color that sets you apart and represents you. And, if you’d like to upgrade the look every year or two, the cost of vinyl film isn’t as expensive as a custom paint job, so the price and the effort of an upgrade are relatively easy and inexpensive.

Fortunately, vinyl boat wrap designs provide two solutions in one, by protecting your investment and upgrading your boat’s look. This article explores the different types of designs that you can choose from.


Set your boat apart from others by choosing an eye-popping, modern, graphic design that draws attention and represents your commitment to live life full-out, be relevant and at the leading-edge of contemporary culture.

Fortunately, today’s vinyl kits provide professional detailers all they need to install a beautiful, protective film that looks great. Choose from the many kits that are available, or request a custom design to be truly unique.


Your choice of color can communicate your laid-back vibe, sunny personality or dynamic nature. Or, it could simply be your favorite color.

Fortunately, if your mood changes, you can easily replace one color or design with another. And, you can replace a dark vinyl wrap with a lighter color, so you’re not restricted by your last color or design choice.


If you’re happy with your craft’s look, but want to take advantage of the protective value of a vinyl boat wrap, choose a clear wrap. This adds a level of protection to reduce the risk of the top-coat, paint and undercoat getting damaged for a lower price than a color or graphic design.


If your attitude is decidedly metal, a chrome finish on your boat tells a high-end, grab-life-by-the-horns story. Choose from your favorite metallic gold, silver or chrome finish.


If you’ve always wanted a graphic bow that alights atop a solid-colored hull, then partial wraps can customize your craft. A professional detailer can help you install the wraps perfectly, so you create the signature look you want.


Want to add your company logo to your boat? How about your favorite NBA team’s logos and colors? Or, if you’re lucky enough to have a luxurious or cool craft, you may be able to get paid to sport a company’s logo on your bow or stern.

Life is too short to navigate the open water in a generic boat. While you’re protecting your investment, get rid of your boat’s cookie-cutter look by installing a customized or specially selected vinyl boat wrap.


FAQs on Boat Wrap

We have listed the common questions about boat wrap here to save you some time, but if you have a question that isn't answered here, just contact us. Our specialist willreplyit personally.

Q: What is the cost to wrap a boat?
A: The cost of vinyl ship membranes is affected by many factors and varies. We recommend that you get in touch with our experts to get a quote. Here we also provide you with a rough cost. Generally speaking, the price of packaging starts at 1500 dollars. If the shipsize is small, you can even wrapyour ship for only lessthanathousanddollars.

Q: How long does a wrap last on my boat?
A: We use industry-leading vinyl boatwrapand laminates, which can significantly improve the life of ship film. We guarantee that your vinyl boat wrapwill not fade due to ultraviolet radiation. We use 3M 180MC and 3M 8518 film. Your boatwill be professionally cleaned, and equipped with 3M Primer 94 Edge sealant, which can best wrap your boat. With good maintenance and proper cleaning, your premium 3M membrane will last for many years.

Q: How long does it take to wrap a boat?
A: In general, we need a few days to film your boat. For a more accurate estimate, you can contact our staff. Regardless of your vessel type, including small boats, large ships, cruise ships, jet skis or yachts, we can tailor it for you.

Q: What materials are boat wraps made of?
A: Boat wraps are made of vinyl. Such materials are usually used for cars, walls and other decorative purposes. But not all vinyl materials are the same, and we only use a specific type of vinyl film to wrap the boat. The vinyl products we use are all from the industry's leading vinyl film manufacturers, 3M and Avery.

Q: Can you repair damaged wraps?
A: No problem, we can reprint the digital design to repair your boat wrap. Whether it is accidentally rammed into the dock or any damage to the boatwrapcaused by trees, we can solve it for you.We recommend that you use a bollard on the boatfilmtoaddmoreprotection.

Q: Can I wrap my own boat?
A: We do not recommend that you do this. Wrapping for a boatrequires professional skills and experience, so you'd better hire an experienced expert to complete this work. The self-wrapped boat film is likely to have tears and bubbles, so the final result may not look good.

Q: Where can you wrap my boat?
A: We have stores for boat wrap in Sydney and Brisbane and are equipped with the most professional staff to install vinyl wrap. You can choose the nearest store based on your location.



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